About Bharatnatyam by AindrilaDaFit

Bharatnatyam: Indian Classical Dance History
Flying through air, carving shapes in space; a story to tell. Stand, squat, sit jump and twirl. Revel in the flurry of foot movements – Bharatanatyam is an extensive and beautiful dance form; extensive in its history, technique, interpretations and costume. It is exacting but very beautiful, very graceful.
Bharatanatyam has not always been called Bharatanatyam. Sadir and Dasi Attam are some of the names synonymous with what has now emerged to be called Bharatanatyam .
Sadir was revived by Rukmini Dev Arundale who nationalized the dance, introduced changes in costume and style and associated it with chastity. Kalakshetra was established by her to revive Sadir, now Bharatanatyam, by her interpretation of the dance and the institute still runs successfully.

What a student of Bharatanatyam is traditionally taught is that Bharatanatyam is named after Bharatamuni, writer of the Natya Shastra and that its etymological meaning comprises the syllables, Bha (bhava or expression), Ra (raga or music) and Ta (rhythm). These prefixed with ‘Natyam’ or dance, then, make Bharatanatyam a dance of expression, music and rhythm.

I just feel instead of creating lots of style in Bharatanatyam ; we all should try to glorify this beautiful dance with
Bha ; Ra ; Ta …..

Creative Director Aindrila’s Da-Fit






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