Triceps : A area to concentrate

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Good Morning Friends

After a wonderful warm -up ; we all can concentrate today with a main focus of our Arms called as Triceps …😊

Lets Do some simple steps with Consistency and a healthy Diet…😃

Dumbbell Flat Press

-Lie on back.
– Hold weight in hand, arm at side, elbow bent to 90 degrees.
– Lift arm up, straightening elbow.
– Lower arm and repeat.

Barbell French Press
-Stand with barbell in hands overhead.
– Bend elbows, lowering bar behind head.
– Straighten elbows.
– Lower and repeat.

Barbell Skullbreaker

-Lie on back.
– Hold barbell in hands as shown.
– Bend elbows, lowering barbell toward forehead.
– Straighten elbows and repeat.
– Control the barbell and do not let barbell touch bridge of nose or forehead.

Dumbbell Double Overhead Press

-Sit or stand.
– Hold weights in hands, arms at side, elbows bent, as shown.
– Lift weights…

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